Please note that while conducting a browser test, before you access an examination, and for the duration of a web-based testing session, the Secure Browser will be running. The Secure Browser is designed to detect any applications and programs that may be running on this computer and temporarily pause or suspend any computer applications and unauthorized programs that should not be running during this web-based testing session. NBME and/or the test administrator/proctor will be notified if such applications/programs have been detected but failed to pause or suspend. In addition, the names of those applications/programs and certain identifying information, including your name and test session information, may be collected, disclosed to and used by the NBME and certain third parties, such as NBME's subcontractors, the institution administering the exam and/or the program sponsor, or as required by law for the purpose of administering the examination, investigating technical issues, and/or investigating cases of actual or suspected unauthorized activity and/or irregular behavior. NBME has taken great care to ensure that the Secure Browser functions properly. However, there is always a possibility that malfunctions may occur. By taking this web-based examination, you understand and agree that NBME disclaims liability for any damages or losses that may result from use of the Secure Browser or otherwise in connection with the administration of this examination.

By taking this web-based examination, you authorize use of the Secure Browser on the computer being used to administer the examination (if you are taking this exam on a personal laptop); consent to the collection, transfer and use of the data described above; and understand and agree to comply with the provisions contained in this notice. If you do not agree to be bound by these provisions, do not proceed.

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