Proctoring a Web-based Exam

The following is a series of video-based tutorials that demonstrates the fundamentals of proctoring a web-based exam. The tutorials demonstrate important Pre-administration and Test Day activities such as Exam Compatibility Check, Starting the Exam Session, Monitoring the Exam Session, Reporting Incidents and Irregularities, and Ending the Exam Session.

If you're a new user, these tutorials will help you get up to speed. Stop, rewind, replay and learn at your own pace. The series also includes three Interactive Simulations that allow you to interact with the Chief Proctor Resource Site to start, monitor, and end an exam session.

System Requirements

A minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 is required to view the tutorials. Adobe Flash 7 or higher is also required. Click the Get Adobe Flash Player button if the Adobe Flash Player is not installed on your computer.

Please note as of August 8, 2011, the interface for monitoring web-based exams have been enhanced with new web-based testing features and a new look and feel. The video tutorials make reference to a Chief Proctor Access Code and it is no longer required to start the exam session. The video tutorials will be updated to reflect the new enhancements. You may review Section 3 of the Chief Proctor’s Manual to familiarize yourself with the enhancements. New tutorials are coming soon.

Duration Time
Prior to Test Day
  • Exam Compatibility Check
  • 01 min 20 sec
  • Exploring the Chief Proctor Resource Site
  • 00min 06sec
    On Test Day
  • Preparing Workstations
  • 01min 11sec
  • Starting the Exam Session
  • 01min 27sec
    Monitoring the Exam Session
  • Monitoring the Exam
  • 00min 06sec
  • Viewing the Examinee Detail Screen
  • 00min 58sec
  • Admitting a Late Start
  • 00min 56sec
  • Approving a Restart
  • 00min 47sec
  • Closing an Examinee's Test Session
  • 00min 39sec
    Reporting Incidents & Irregularities
  • Reporting Incidents
  • 02min 11sec
  • Updating Incidents
  • 01min 20sec
    Ending the Exam Session
  • Ending the Exam
  • 03min 34sec
    Interactive Simulations
  • Starting the Exam Session
  • 01min 36sec
  • Monitoring the Exam Session
  • 01min 36sec
  • Ending the Exam Session
  • 03min 34sec

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